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Finally, there is a way to merge Excel files with ease. Bulk File Merger stands as the #1 choice for securely combining multiple Excel files on your desktop. This remarkable software was designed from the ground up to make the process effortless.

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  • Lightning fast - merge 45 files in 3 seconds!
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Easy To Use
Simply drag and drop the desired files and you’re done. Yes, it is actually that easy!

Your files NEVER leave your computer. Bulk File Merger is the perfect solution when working with highly confidential and valuable documents.

Lightning Fast
How fast? How does 45 files in 3 seconds sound?

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For Windows & Mac

I was faced with an absolute mountain of Excel files that needed to be combined and analyzed. After attempting to merge a few files manually and even programming an Excel macro to do some of the work, I did the math...14 hours of manual process. Bulk File Merger did the job in seconds!

Richard Palarea, CEO, PA & Associates Healthcare
I use Bulk File Merger to merge many Excel files from a single day, pull in information and save again, as one file. Honestly, I cannot live without your program. Prior to this, I was only able to copy and paste to get the same results. I deal with 20-50 thousand lines!.

Susan Greenaway, Ontario, Canada.
Your software is amazing and a most-needed tool. It was definitely one of my best computer-ware purchases.

Randolph Lyon, Educator, Historian, and Developer for Encyclopedia Dubuque