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I was faced with an absolute mountain of CSV files that needed to be combined and analyzed. After attempting to merge a few files manually and even programming an Excel macro to do some of the work, I did the math...14 hours of manual process. Bulk File Merger did the job in seconds! — Richard Palarea, CEO, PA & Associates Healthcare ingenious little application. I was able to merge over 400 .xlsx files with a couple keystrokes! — Nestor Grajales, Harcourt Religion Publishers

Wow, 49,569 CSV files combined into one in less than 4 seconds! Why couldn't Microsoft put this feature in Excel? You guys ROCK!! — Barry R.

Student evaluations for student teaching are emailed out automatically from my iPad software solution iObserveU. I needed to combine all the Excel files together in one large spreadsheet to run standard deviation and other analysis evaluation on the data. I am glad I found your program. Blessings! — Dr. David G. Parker, Professor of Voice & Music Technology, Bob Jones University

I use Bulk File Merger to merge many excel files from a single day, pull in information and save again, as one file. Honestly, I cannot live without your program. Prior to this, I was only able to copy and paste to get the same results. I deal with 20-50 thousand lines! — Susan Greenaway, Ontario, Canada

Brilliant piece of software! I'll be ordering another copy for my business PC.— Dale Tams, Birmingham, England

I run an image tagging business where people send back their work in an excel file in one format and I will have several files that need to be combined before I can begin doing the finalizing.

Before your software, I was cutting and pasting - even though the file was always in the same format... Bulk File Merger is SUCH a time saver!— Kristi O.

Your software is amazing and a most-needed tool. It was definitely one of my best computer-ware purchases. — Randolph Lyon, Author and Developer for Encyclopedia Dubuque

I work for a non-profit radio network. I just spent days pulling a list of zip codes for about 300 markets across the country. Unfortunately for me, that required individual queries in a another program which resulted in 300 individual .csv files which then needed to be combined into one. Bulk File Merger accomplishes this very quickly and the program is so darn easy to use. I am very happy with the purchase. — Alice Young (one very satisfied customer)

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